09/08/2016 08:34 BST | Updated 09/08/2016 10:53 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother': Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor's Naked Shower Antics Cause A Stir

He just happens to be facing eviction...

It wasn’t just the sight of Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear’s antics in the toilet that had ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ viewers’ stomachs churning during the most recent episode.

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor also shared a raunchy moment of their own, as they enjoyed a naked shower together in Monday (8 August) night’s instalment of the Channel 5 reality show. 

Channel 5
Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor took a naked shower together

The pair had viewers questioning exactly what was going on when they stripped down and hopped in the shower together. 

They could be seen sat on the floor as microphones picked up the sound of them kissing. 

Marnie then emerged from the cubicle completely starkers, seemingly nonplussed by the cameras, while Lewis proceeded to flash his manhood at the ‘Geordie Shore’ star. 

Channel 5
Goodness only knows what's going on here
Channel 5
Heavens to Betsy

Needless to say, the scenes sparked some rather amusing reactions on Twitter: 


Marnie later gushed about the encounter in the Diary Room, telling Big Brother: “I just had the most romantic shower in my life!”

Insisting they only shared a kiss in there, she continued: “I would never do anything more than shower with him and kiss him.

“I’ve never had a boy treat me how he treats me! I feel so lucky. He is just perfect. I don’t ever want to leave this house!”

Far be it from us to suggest Lewis is flaunting his privates to win votes, but coincidentally he is facing eviction from the house tonight, alongside Stephen Bear, Heavy D and Saira Khan. 

Find out who leaves tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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