02/08/2017 16:15 BST

‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Paul ‘Dangerous’ Danan Strikes On Day One With Fire Alarm Mix-Up

Whoops 😳

Paul ‘Dangerous’ Danan hasn’t wasted any time in causing havoc in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, setting all of the fire alarms off within hours of entering.

The TV star is among the 15 celebs now calling the Borehamwood bungalow home and scenes that air in Wednesday’s (2 August) episode show his unfortunate mishap.

Picselect/Channel 5
Oh Paul...

Paul is see making his way up to the diary room for a chat with Big Brother, excitedly hitting the buzzer next to the door so that he can go in.

Only it’s not a buzzer. Just a fire alarm. That subsequently sets screeching alarms off in the whole house.

“It is why they call me dangerous Danan, and I do dangerous things without even wanting to be dangerous,” he says afterwards. “Some people probably call it clumsy.”

Yes Paul, most of us call it clumsy.

His first evening in the house was a breeze compared to one housemate’s though, as Shaun Williamson was forced to make a killer nomination after failing a secret mission.

In the coming days, more celebrities will be put for eviction, with viewers voting to decide who goes out.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs at 9pm.

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