11/08/2017 16:35 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother': Jemma Lucy And Paul Danan Turn On Each Other After He Apologises To Sarah Harding

Another day, another furious argument.

After both coming to blows with Sarah Harding in recent days, Paul Danan and Jemma Lucy have now turned on each other in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house. 

In scenes from Friday’s (11 August) show, the pair have an explosive row when Jemma blasts him for apologising to Sarah for his outburst the previous night. 

Jemma brands the former ‘Celebrity Love Island’ star a “fucking snakey rat” for making amends with the Girls Aloud singer, after they previously became embroiled in an argument when Paul discovered Sarah had told other housemates he had “taken some meds” in the house. 

Channel 5
A furious Jemma Lucy

Still holding her own grudge against Sarah over a row earlier in the week, Paul refused to get involved in it, angering Jemma.

“I’m not getting involved... it’s been going on for hours and hours,” he tells her. 

“Your shit goes on for hours and hours as well!” she raged. “You slag her off every day and then hug her the next fucking minute

“If I want to go on about something for hours I will.”

As she stands up to confront him, Paul asks: “Why are you standing up? You ain’t no bloke, you ain’t got to fight me.”

Channel 5

Jemma continues to shout, saying: “All I do is stand up for you when she’s cutting you,” before repeatedly telling Paul to “shut up” when he tries to interrupt.

Paul warns her: “Don’t shout at me. Don’t be threatening or shout at me.”

“Oh, threatening? Go on, pull another card,” she replies. “Fuck off, you’re a little rat. You’re a little fucking snakey rat. I will say the same thing over and over again and I’ll shout it if I want to. You’re a rat!”

See the row unfold in full during tonight’s show, during which either Sarah, Karthik Nagesan, Chad Johnson or Trisha Paytas will be evicted. 

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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