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Celebrity Big Brother's Paul Danan Restrained Over Sarah Harding 'Pill' Row

'I'm not gonna f***ing calm down, how dare you.'

Paul Danan had to be physically held back during an explosive row with Sarah Harding in last night’s (10 August) ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

The two haven’t exactly had the easiest of times getting along so far in the ‘CBB’ house, but it looked as though they’d managed to put their differences aside.

That is, until Brandi Glanville claimed she’d heard from Sarah that Paul had “taken a pill” to help him get some rest.

Paul - who previously went to rehab to due to his addiction to prescription drugs - blew his top with the former Girls Aloud singer upon hearing what Brandi claimed she’d said, storming into the garden to confront her.

Channel 5
Paul Danan rages at Sarah Harding

He told her: “What are you saying? Don’t you ever say that shit. Don’t ever insinuate a pill that I’ve taken… I took paracetemol and ibuprofen, don’t ever fucking do that.

“Don’t ever say or predict or assume or insinuate that I’m taking any kind of tablet, how fucking dare you sink that fucking low. What’s your fucking problem?”

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Something tells us Jemma was enjoying the drama

As Sarah urged her housemate to “calm down”, he fumed: “I’m not gonna fucking calm down, how dare you. You’re fucking out of order.”

Paul continued to shout after Sarah as ‘Gogglebox’ star Sandi Bogel tried to usher him back into the house, eventually shouting: “I’m the one that’s clean and sober, what the fuck are you doing?”

Channel 5
Sandi Bogel tries to get Paul to come inside

But once inside, he had to be physically restrained by Sam Thompson, as he yelled: “I’m the one struggling my ass off trying not to have a fucking drink. Fucking hypocrite.”

Earlier this week, Paul admitted that he had been tempted to drink alcohol in the house, which sparked a pep talk from Derek Acorah.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s consumption of alcohol has been repeatedly commented upon by her fellow housemates, with Jemma Lucy - who has also rowed with the former Girls Aloud star - commenting earlier that day: “She’s always got a blackcurrant that she doesn’t touch, that makes her feel better because it’s there.”

Channel 5
Sarah Harding

In 2011, Sarah previously entered rehab for substance and alcohol abuse, but later clarified to fans: “I’ve done a lot of healing, a lot of thinking.

“I’m eating really healthily and whilst I never said that I would be teetotal – and I do still enjoy a glass of wine socially with dinner or when I’m out with friends – I have reined it right in.

“The treatment I’ve had has helped me see that being destructive is not the answer. I am very careful about when I drink and what my mood is like because I’ve learned so much about alcohol and depression.”

Earlier this week, Sarah expressed disappointment in herself for drinking in the house, admitting that she hadn’t intended to when she first signed up.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5.

Watch Paul and Sarah’s argument in full in the video below...

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