'Celebrity Big Brother' 2017: Perez Hilton Speaks Out Over 'All Stars' Line-Up Rumours

'The Perez Show' is apparently on hiatus.

Perez Hilton has addressed rumours he’ll be returning to the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house next month, as part of the show’s ‘All Stars And New Stars’ twist.

The next series of ‘CBB’ will see a host of former contestants returning to the house, where they’ll be pitted against a new batch of celebrities.

However, while reports have suggested that Perez will be among them, he’s now set the record straight, confirming that he was asked to appear, but ultimately turned down the offer as they weren’t prepared to shell out enough money.

Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton
David Livingston via Getty Images

Writing on his Instagram page, Perez said: “For those of you who sweetly keep wanting an update or confirmation... yes, I was asked to appear on next month’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ ‘all-stars’ edition in the U.K.

“Despite my better judgement, I said I would do it... IF the price is right! My participation on that show in 2015 was truly traumatic for me and I need to be prepared for a second experience to be just as bad or worse!

“The price wasn’t right for 2017, but the door is open for me to appear again in the future - IF they open their wallet!”

The notorious celebrity blogger signed off the message as “the most talked about housemate in the history of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Perez Hilton.”

We reckon John McCririck, Stephanie Davis, the late Pete Burns, Jackie Stallone, Chantelle Houghton and yes, even Katie Hopkins might have something to say about that claim, Perez. But sure thing. You do you.

Perez's rows with Katie Hopkins made for compelling, though stressful, viewing
Perez's rows with Katie Hopkins made for compelling, though stressful, viewing

Perez had a pretty tumultuous time in the ‘CBB’ house back in 2015, rowing with pretty much everyone and eventually revealing that he’d had to go for counselling after leaving the show… which he claimed to have sent Channel 5 the bill for.

And while he won’t be appearing on ‘All Stars And New Stars’, a plethora of former contestants are still thought to be in the running, including model Calum Best, professional reality TV villains Speidi and ‘Strictly’ pro turned Twitter critic James Jordan.


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