09/08/2016 15:12 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother' Quiz: Which Of These Controversial Housemates Were Ejected For Their Behaviour?

Put your 'CBB' knowledge to the test.

Channel 5

When it comes to booting out housemates, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ producers seem to be a little less happy to show their contestants the door for rule-breaks and unacceptable behaviour than in a regular series of the Channel 5 reality show.

That said, there have been a handful of famous participants whose persistent problematic language or shocking antics have earned them a swift trip out the ‘CBB’ back door.

The question is, what kind of behaviour warrants a slap on the wrist, and what is deemed worthy of an ejection?

We’ve rounded up 20 moments from ‘CBB’ history that raised eyebrows when they aired, but did the housemate responsible get a telling off from producers, or the axe?

See how many you can get right in the quiz below…

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