'Celebrity Big Brother': India Willoughby Names Rachel Johnson As 'Chief Manipulator' Responsible For Her 'Demise'

India says the journalist was the 'architect of her demise'.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ evictee India Willoughby has accused Rachel Johnson of deliberately “egging her on” in the house, leading her to be voted out of the show.

After leaving the show over the weekend, India teased that she had been “played like a fiddle” in the house, revealing she’d be appearing on ‘The Wright Stuff’ to name and shame “the chief manipulator”.

Well, true to her word, India appeared on the Channel 5 daytime show on Monday (15 January), and quickly singled out Rachel’s behaviour as contributing to her downfall (right in front of her dad, Stanley Johnson, too!).

India Willoughby on 'The Wright Stuff'
India Willoughby on 'The Wright Stuff'
Channel 5

India stated: “I do need to set the record straight and I’m sorry that Stanley is here because he’s a lovely gentleman and I’m a massive, massive fan, but the architect of my demise was sadly [Rachel].

“Within an hour or so of actually being in the house, I was being misgendered left, right and centre. I started off politely pointing out the reasons that was inappropriate, but it continued.”

She continued: “Because of what Rachel was doing, the misgendering, and Ann [Widdecombe], it sort of marked me out as the runt of the litter and made me a little bit different.

“So obviously if you’re continually being questioned about whether you’re ‘he’ or ‘him’, you are going to reaffirm your gender. You are going to point out that no that is not appropriate.”

Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson

When presenter Matthew Wright remarked she could have handled things differently, India claimed she felt she was “egged on” by Rachel, referring specifically to a moment she was seen showing her housemates her bare breasts

She said: “Having told her repeatedly that I’m ‘she’, I’m a woman and what have you, I got tired of verbally doing it, and I thought ‘do you know what, I’m just going to let my body speak for itself’.

“The well of potential goodwill in the house was poisoned really early on, and it was really difficult.”

The Wright Stuff’ airs every weekday on Channel 5 from 9.15am.


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