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'Celebrity Big Brother' 2017: Sarah Harding And Jemma Lucy In Blazing Row

'Go and sober up, love.'

Sarah Harding and Jemma Lucy have come to blows in the biggest ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ row of the series so far.

Over the past few years, Sarah has admitted that she doesn’t feel like she and a handful of others fit into the two main groups in the house, which in Wednesday’s (9 August) episode, she attempts to explain to Jordan Davies.

After Chad Johnson gets upset at hearing how unpopular he is with the public, Sarah tells Jordan: “He cares what the people think. Me, him and Trisha are similar people and call ourselves the ‘in betweeners’, cause we are in between you lot and in the 30-something category and we’ve all lived alone and not used to being around people.

“For us three it’s probably been the hardest for us to adjust.”

Channel 5
Sarah Harding explains herself in 'CBB'

Sarah adds that she sometimes finds it difficult to keep up with Jordan’s “energy levels”, which the ‘Ibiza Weekender’ star later tells Jemma, who then becomes involved in the argument, branding Sarah a “weird freak”.

Confronting Sarah later in the evening, Jordan says: “I’m confused about what you mean about our positive energy feeling like we’re secluding you and Chad…”

The former Girls Aloud star then attempts to explain what she meant, but Jordan interrupts, claiming: “I think you said that it’s, like, secluding you and Chad?”

Sarah continues: “I feel like there’s three different groups of us… obviously you guys have got loads of energy, and then there’s us who are, like, in the middle, who’ve never been around loads of people for a while.”

At that point, Jemma steps in, telling Sarah: “No one’s been around loads of people, though, Sarah. You keep thinking you’re different to everyone else.”

Sarah then accuses Jemma of “ganging up on her” and “shit-stirring”, with Jordan complaining that the conversation has now taken a turn he didn’t want.

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Jordan takes himself away from the situation

As he leaves the group, things get heated and take a personal turn pretty quickly, with insults being thrown around left right and centre.

Eventually, things come to a head when Jemma brands Sarah a “little slag”, to which she responds: “At least I don’t shag on TV for a living… sober up love.”

Channel 5
Jemma and Sarah have it out

Sarah has already had a tough few days in the ‘CBB’ house, breaking down in tears when she discovered what several of the housemates had been saying behind her back, and later getting herself into a blazing argument with Paul Danan.

See their row in full in tonight’s (9 August) ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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