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'Celebrity Big Brother': Ray J Tells Stacy Francis Whitney Houston Drama Was 'All His Fault'

'It's all my fault... I wasn’t there [for you].'

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates Ray J and Stacy Francis appear to be making amends, after she accused him of “throwing her under the bus” in the wake of Whitney Houston’s death.

Following Whitney’s death in 2012, Stacy was the subject of much media attention, as it was widely reported that she’d had an argument with the ‘I Will Always Love You’ singer just days prior.

Stacy was visibly shocked to see her former close friend Ray J - who was thought to be in a relationship with Whitney at the time of her death - in the house when she entered on Tuesday (3 January).

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Ray J and Stacy have a heart-to-heart

However, after claiming that he could have done more to speak out and help her as she faced a media backlash, he has since taken the blame for the situation.

Speaking to Stacy about the “horrible time” during a private moment in the garden in Thursday’s (5 January) show, he told her: “It’s something that nobody can explain. It’s all my fault. All my fault.”

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Ray J

She interjected, telling him that she “didn’t want him to say that”, but he insisted: “It’s my fault all of that that happened. I wasn’t there [for you].”


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Stacy Francis

Later, Stacy told Coleen Nolan (the obvious go-to for any A-list drama) in the snug: “[Whitney] didn’t understand my relationship with Ray. You see us - even here, we’re cool, he’s a friend… we just have a connection, never sexual, never intimate.

“Whitney didn’t understand that. She just sees a girl coming into a club, she doesn’t know me.”

She continued: “The media even called me her enemy, but I was never her enemy.

“She knew me, she called me on stage to sing with her once, it was cool. It was never what the media made it about to be.”

Stacy and Ray J have both been dealt a blow in their first week in the house, as neither of them will have the power to nominate, thanks to the “edited out” twist.

‘CBB’ continues on Friday (6 January) at 9pm.

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