'Celebrity Big Brother' 2016: Stephen Bear Isn't Happy About Marnie Simpson And Lewis Bloor's Blossoming Relationship

Someone might want to remind him he has a girlfriend on the outside...

From the moment Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson locked lips in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ store room, it was a matter of time before Stephen Bear had something to say about it.

And now the ‘Ex On The Beach’ star has aired his views on their pair’s blossoming showmance romance, and it looks like Lewis could have some competition.

<strong>Bear and Lewis have a confrontation about Marnie</strong>
Bear and Lewis have a confrontation about Marnie
Channel 5

In scenes to air on tonight’s (2 August) episode of the Channel 5 reality show, Bear threatens to steal Marnie from Lewis, after he and Lewis both share a kiss with the ‘Geordie Shore’ star during a talent show task.

After Bear later sees the pair locking lips while they are in bed together, he announces to Lewis: “I could kiss her if I wanted to. I can do what I want.”

Despite having a girlfriend on the outside world, he reiterates his point in the Diary Room, telling Big Brother: “If I want to kiss Marnie I will. Lewis really likes Marnie, Marnie doesn’t really like him.”

<strong>Lewis and Marnie have struck up a relationship in the 'CBB' house</strong>
Lewis and Marnie have struck up a relationship in the 'CBB' house
Channel 5

However, Bear might have some trouble persuading Marnie to kiss him, as she’s less than complimentary about him during a conversation with her fellow housemates in the garden.

“None of youse know what he’s capable of, he’s ruthless,” she says.

She later tells Bear that he has been “disrespectful” to Lewis.

We’d imagine his poor girlfriend is feeling pretty disrespected right now, too.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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