'Celebrity Big Brother': Stephen Bear Slammed For 'Sexist' Row Over Marnie Simpson

'Does the girl you're kissing get a say in this or...?'

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ viewers have once again blasted the show, this time over a row between Stephen Bear and Lewis Bloor, with Marnie Simpson at the centre of it all.

In Tuesday’s (2 August) episode of ‘CBB’, a drunken Bear criticised Lewis and Marnie’s close relationship, when the two were shown sharing their first snog in the house.

Bear even went as far as suggesting he could snog Marnie “if he wanted to”, arguing that Lewis hadn’t “called dibs” on the ‘Geordie Shore’ cast member.

Marnie Simpson
Marnie Simpson
Channel 5

While Lewis initially defended Marnie - insisting it was her choice to kiss whoever she wanted in the house - Bear eventually pushed him to his limit, and the former ‘TOWIE’ hunk shouted: “I did fucking call dibs on Marnie.”

‘CBB’ viewers were quick to blast the incident on Twitter, insisting that the pair’s attitude towards Marnie was “sexist”:

When Heavy D became involved in the row - to which Lewis accused him of just being put out that he was rejected by Chloe Khan - he insisted he referred to her as “that”, prompting further backlash (warning: strong language).

This is far from the first time that ‘CBB’ viewers have been critical of the current crop of housemates’ behaviour, with some fans calling for Marnie to be removed earlier this week, over an incident when she flashed her breasts at fellow contestant Saira Khan.

Christopher Biggins and Renee Graziano also ruffled feathers with comments they made about bisexual people, for which neither of them were reprimanded by bosses.

‘CBB’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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