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'Celebrity Big Brother' 2016: Gogglebox's Stephen And Chris Rumoured For New Series

Could the couch potatoes be heading inside Britain's most famous house?

'Gogglebox' pair Stephen Webb and Chris Steed have been linked to the new series of 'Celebrity Big Brother'. 

Reports claim that the pair are poised to sign a deal to become housemates on the latest run of the Channel 5 reality show. 

Best friends Stephen and Chris, who became household names after appearing on on Channel 4's hit couch potato show, have reportedly been big money by 'CBB' producers. 

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A source told The Sun: “The show’s producers are really keen to get them on and would be happy to pay up to £500,000 to see it happen.

“Everyone’s really excited at the prospect because they are so dynamic and they already know they make great TV.

“They're fan favourites and their dry humour is bound to be hilarious in the house.”

A Channel 4 spokesperson played down their involvement, telling HuffPost UK: “Chris and Stephen deny taking part in 'CBB' and will continue to entertain 'Gogglebox' fans from their sofa” 

If the pair did take part, they would follow in the footsteps of fellow 'Gogglebox' star George Gilbey, who entered the 'CBB' house in 2014 and eventually finished fourth. 

It is unclear if Stephen and Chris would be made to leave 'Googlebox' if they took up a place in the reality TV house, as George and his family were forced to step down from the show when he became a contestant. 

Doug Peters/Doug Peters
George entered the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house in 2014

However, he and his mum Linda and stepdad Pete have since returned, rejoining the show earlier this year

Speaking about the producers' decision to axe the family, George later told Heat magazine: “As much as I thought it was harsh, I had broken the rules by appearing on ‘CBB’.

“I think the producers thought I’d get big headed and they want normal people. If they don’t keep it the way it is, they don’t have a show. It was a hard decision, but for every hour I spent in the ‘CBB’ house, I earned double what I would for a day on the building site, so I had to do it.”

'Gogglebox' is currently airing every Friday at 9pm on Channel 4. 

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