22/06/2019 09:23 BST | Updated 22/06/2019 09:25 BST

Celebrity Gogglebox: The 11 Most Hilarious Bits From This Week's Episode

Rylan and his mum Linda continued to serve up comedy gold on the Channel 4 show.

Celebrity Gogglebox continued to serve up the laughs as a host of famous faces and their +1s returned to our screens for more hilarious commentary of the week’s TV on Friday night.

Whether they were giving their opinion on the latest antics in the Love Island villa, or questioning whether someone had technically pleasured a walrus on Natural World, there were some more moments of comedy gold during the episode. 

Here’s 11 of our favourites... 

1. Rylan’s mum Linda questioning whether “didn’t” is actually a word (it is).

2. Giles Brandreth explaining the concept of “fanny flutters” to Shelia Hancock (thank you, Love Island).

3. Little Mix having precisely no sympathy for Villanelle’s predicament on Killing Eve.

4.  Chris Eubank feeling the grooves of the Love Island theme tune (we’ve all done it). 

5. Before then channelling his inner Barry White.

6. Rylan comparing his mum to one of the Spice Girls.

7. Grimmy breaking down a particularly grim scene from Natural World in a way that only Grimmy could. 

8. Toff giving out the most sensible advice to the Love Islanders - get her in the villa we say. 

9. Grimmy’s niece coming up with the most genius question Blind Date contestants should ask. Seriously, how has no-one ever thought to ask this before?!

10. She also had some words about Blind Date host Paul O’Grady.

11. Martin Kemp laughing a little too hard as he had to watch *that* American Pie scene with his son Roman.

Celebrity Gogglebox continues next Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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