Celebrity Gogglebox: The 11 Best Moments From The New Episode

Rylan Clark and his mum provided plenty of laughs alongside Little Mix, Sheila Hancock and Rachel Riley.

After many one-off specials, we’ve finally been gifted with a full series of Celebrity Gogglebox, which kicked off on Friday night.

The episode saw numerous celebs catching up on this month’s hottest TV shows, offering commentary while say alongside their (often scene-stealing) pals, parents and siblings.

And it did not disappoint.

While we can’t possibly choose a favourite pairing – or group, as Little Mix took part as a four piece – there were plenty of hilarious, standout moments.

Here are 11 of the best...

1. Little Mix’s take on Naked Attraction, or specifically ‘jam jar’ vaginas

Perrie Edwards’ shock at how the wonder of childbirth affects your body is the gift that keeps on giving.

But Sheila Hancock and Gyles Brandreth couldn’t stop laughing at the episode and have officially found their new favourite programme.

2. Two words: ‘Open kimono’

3. We need a whole show where Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev talk Russian

It could see the travel, learn more about dance or meet the Bolshoi ballet – to be honest, we don’t care. We just need this on our screens more, OK?

4. Rylan and his mum Linda instantly became fan faves...

“Pot puree”. Oh, Linda – never change.

5. ... As Rylan endured hell of his mum talking about penis sizes

Painful for him, hilarious for us.

6. Seriously, can they do this every week until the end of time, please?

We’re setting up a petition.

7. Eamonn’s refusal to share crisps was very us

If you can’t think of a housemate or family member who always hogs the food, then you’re definitely the one doing it.

8. Jade’s reaction to the film It is also one we can empathise with

Been there.

9. Get someone who looks at you the way Gyles looks at Countdown

The adoration is obvious.

10. Toff’s joke about Michael Gove’s cocaine confession flew completely over Stanley Johnson’s head

Don’t worry Toff, we appreciated it.

11. Finally, every single reaction to that moment in the Killing Eve series two premiere was perfect:

A special shoutout goes to Jade Thirwall, who laughed her way through the whole thing.

Celebrity Gogglebox will air again on Channel 4 next Friday, at 9pm. Catch up with this episode on All4.


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