‘Celebrity Mastermind’: Can You Match These Famous Contestants With Their Specialist Subjects?

It's harder than you think.

‘Celebrity Mastermind’ is a fabulous show for two reasons. First of all, finding out which stars are a fair bit dimmer than you expected never gets boring.

The second - and this is the one we’re focussing on today, gang - is the never-ending stream of curveball topics, picked by famous faces as their specialist subjects.

Just when you think you know someone, they can take their seat in the BBC show’s iconic chair and reveal a passion for something totally random, weirdly specific, or perhaps just downright odd. Janet Street-Porter, we’re looking at you.

So, the question is: Can you match these 17 famous faces to their ‘Mastermind’ specialist subjects?

Let us know how you do in the comments below…

Rylan Clark-Neal

Reality TV Repeat Offenders


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