21/08/2017 16:07 BST

Chad Johnson Tells Sarah Harding He 'Loves' Her, Following Huge Row About Booze In 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Well, that took a turn pretty quickly.

Chad Johnson has told fellow ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Sarah Harding that he loves her.

In scenes to be aired in Monday’s (21 August) highlights show, the pair are seen whispering in bed together after dark, during which Chad drops the L-bomb.

Before all that, though… a blazing row.

Yes, that’s right, earlier that evening, Chad and Sarah have what’s undeniably their biggest row to date, during which the furious former Girls Aloud singer tells Chad he should listen to her when she insists he’s drinking too much.

She fumes: “I’ve been in this business 15 fucking years. You’re just starting out. Don’t fucking take the fucking piss. I’m not gonna stand for it. Alright?”

Channel 5
Sarah lets Chad have it

A confused, and arguably tipsy, Chad attempts to interject, to which she responds: “Fix up, look fucking sharp and listen to someone who’s had the experience. Been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and been persecuted for most of her career for it. OK?”

Still not sure why his housemate is so angry, or what the expressions “taking the piss” and “taking the mickey” mean, Chad asks her to explain herself, with Sarah saying: “You’re taking me for granted, and you’re not listening to my advice. You are getting fucking defensive. And it’s out of order.

“All I’m trying to do is look out for you, so don’t turn around and shove it in my face like a pile of shit.”

Channel 5
'Don't shove it in my face like a pile of shit', says Sarah

Things then take a turn, with Chad telling Sarah he’s “spent 30 years of his life not giving a shit about anything” because his “entire life sucked”, adding: “You can’t make my life any worse. I’m miserable every day of my fucking life.”

Sarah then tells him: “You know what? You’ve got a shot at happiness if you listen to someone who cares about you.”

The two then make it up, with Sarah inviting herself onto Chad’s lap and urging him to “put his lunchbox away”.

Later, in bed, he declares: “I luff you… I do love you. As a person, for sure. Am I in love? I’m not sure yet. But I do love you.”

Channel 5
Chad professes his love, accompanied by Derek Acorah's snores

As she urges him to slow down and wait until the show ends on Friday (25 August), she then probes him as to “why” he loves her.

We don’t know what happens then, but it’s something under the covers that prompts her to compare him to a “naughty kid”.

Over the weekend, the two raised eyebrows with their under-the-duvet action, despite her previous insistence that she wanted to take things slowly with the former ‘Bachelorette’ star.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5. Check out Chad and Sarah’s full argument here:

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