Changing Hacks That Will Make Those Zillion Nappy Changes A Breeze

Because your life pretty much revolves around nappies - soz

As every new parent knows, the term “multi-tasking” means nothing until you’re looking after a beautiful, incredible, demanding new born. The challenge begins the moment you’ve welcomed your little miracle, and leaves you wondering what you ever did with all your spare time - or where you’ve put your nappy bag, those tiny little socks, or their favourite cuddly toy.

And let’s not forget wipes, soaking breast pads, muslin cloths, changing mats and very stained babygros.

Yes - the changing challenge.

Believe it or not, once you’ve got a potty-trained toddler on your hands, you might actually miss those moments of wrestling with your wriggling baby to change a dirty nappy, or giving those lovely baby thighs a squish as you put on a clean body suit.

You might even miss dodging a spray from your baby boy - something every mum of a blue bundle has to contend with. Every single nappy change.

Just like with all other aspects of parenting, there are tips and tricks to make changing your baby a lot easier. And less messy for everyone involved.

We’ve created a series of parenting hack videos including this one on changing hacks to simplify your daily routine.

Something essential for all parents of infants is recognising that a dirty nappy (or a posseting fit, or leaking breasts) can happen anytime, anywhere. So having a beautiful changing station in the top room of your home isn’t that useful when you’re busy downstairs.

Make a box of must-have items for various rooms in the house: upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere in between. Keep nappies, wipes, nappy cream, vests, bibs, sleepsuits, breast pads and anything else you might need handy and easy to reach in the box, and tuck it away nicely on a bookshelf, under a bed, inside a cabinet.

And never panic about when the next dirty nappy will strike again.