Charge Your iPhone Faster With This Simple Trick

A few small tweaks can make a BIG difference.

Your iPhone's battery is better than it has ever been.

Despite that there are still times when you're effectively caught short, resulting in a desperate need to charge your phone, and quickly.

Jonathan Brady/PA Archive

There are some common sense tricks that you can employ such as keeping your phone's screen brightness down, disabling notifications or just turning your phone off.

There are however a number of hidden tricks that you can employ which will make a huge difference to how fast your iPhone charges:

1. Turn On Airplane Mode

This is the single best thing you can do to make sure your iPhone charges faster.

Mobile networks, WiFi and Bluetooth are all features which constantly drain your battery. Turning them off reduces a huge amount of strain on the phone and allows the battery to charge a LOT faster.

2. Turn On Low Power Mode

Apple's battery-saving feature isn't just useful for when you're running out of battery, it's also handy for emergency charging too. It effectively turns off a number of processor-heavy tasks including some visual effects.

While its main job is negated by you turning on Airplane Mode, Low Power Mode does decrease the screen's power consumption.

3. Use The iPad Charger, NOT The iPhone Charger

Apple has three different types of USB charger available, the 5W foldable plug charger, the 5W fixed pin charger and finally the larger 12W USB charger.

Unsurprisingly the 12W charger is a lot more powerful, as it should be. It's originally released as the standard charger for the iPad and iPad Pro but there's nothing to stop you using it for your iPhone as well.

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