18/08/2016 15:51 BST | Updated 18/08/2016 15:56 BST

Charlie Webster Complained Of Illness In Blog Diary During Charity Ride

The sports reporter is now in hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Charlie Webster documented her deteriorating health as long as six weeks ago during her 3,000-mile bike ride from Britain to Brazil, it has emerged.

The former Sky Sports News host is currently being tended to in hospital in Brazil, as she struggles with a rare strain of malaria.

While it is not clear whether her previous bout of ill health is related to her current predicament, Charlie detailed her problems in a blog dated 6 July.

Webster was part of a team who cycled 3,000 miles from the UK to Rio over a six-week period to raise money for a cancer charity, the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

She wrote: “I had a pretty rough night last night, I felt so sick and then was sick. I ended up sat on the floor in my hotel room balling my eyes out to my mum and my friend. ‘I just feel so sick’ … My mum and friend were fantastic! I got off the phone, sniffled a bit, drank some water and fell asleep.

“I woke up this morning still feeling like I’d been dug up! I’m normally the most smiley, positive person but this morning I struggled to even speak. I managed to force some muesli down me, have a little whimper to Shiv our Ride to Rio team manager and get myself on the bike.

“I started to peddle and we started downhill which helped as we’d climbed the mountain the night before doing an extra 5 miles to get ahead. I was pretty grateful for that. I decided to do my best to convince myself I was ok and really take care of my hydration and food – and gulped a few paracetamol’s down!”

On that occasion, she rallied, but it appears the popular presenter experienced more sickness along the way, when she complained of “feeling rubbish” and saying “the heat makes it ten times harder”.

Now, as she continues to struggle with her health in a Rio hospital, her publicist has confirmed her mother is with her, while other family members are making the journey as well. 

Charlie was due to be one of a group of Team GB presenters working in Rio with a variety of broadcasters. 

The 33-year-old star cycled 3,000 miles to Rio in a charity bike ride, which started in London before heading through France, Spain and Portugal.

She then flew to north Brazil and rode to Rio in time for the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday August 5, one day after she arrived in the city.

A friend spoke to the Sun, saying: “She had checked the medical risks and been told she didn’t need to take anti malaria drugs because of where she was travelling.

“Charlie started vomiting at the ceremony and thought it was dehydration and general fatigue from the cycle.

“In the early hours after the ceremony she went to hospital and was treated for dehydration.”

Her publicist says: “Charlie has contracted a rare form of malaria and is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

“Charlie is getting the best treatment available from a team of specialist doctors from Brazil, the USA and the UK.”

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