This Is The Cheapest Time To Use Your Washing Machine, According to Experts

Your neighbours might not be happy about it.
It could save you a whack of cash
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It could save you a whack of cash

As the cost of living crisis continues and energy bills continue to soar, many of us are looking for ways to use our household appliances more efficiently.

Now, one expert has shared the cheapest time of day to use your washing machine – and you have a seven hour window in which to save on running costs.

However, for those who live in flats, your neighbours might not thank you for your money-saving method.

According to laundry expert and CEO of Laundryheap Deyan Dimitrov, to save on energy costs you want to think about the time you put a wash on.

He says: “Depending on your energy tariff, demand for electricity can greatly impact your energy bill. This means that the time you choose to run your washing machine and tumble dryer can greatly affect your spending.”

Dimitrov says that when it comes to tumble drying or washing clothes for less, make sure to avoid using the appliances any time between 4pm and 7pm, as this is the most popular and expensive period.

As for saving money, you need to use the appliances at the ‘less popular’ times of the day.

“If possible, I would recommend using the time delay setting on your washing machine, as this function allows you to control when a washing cycle starts,” he said.

“Given that energy prices are at their lowest between 10pm and 5am, I would advise scheduling your washing machine to run into the early hours of the morning. Doing this can help you to significantly cut down energy costs.”

If you can’t use your washing machine in that seven hour window, Dimitrov also advises using a cooler 30 degree wash where possible as this can reduce your appliance’s energy output “by 50% in comparison to a 40-60 degree wash”.

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