The Thought Process You Go Through When Snooping On Your Partner's Phone

The Titanic of bad ideas.

Anyone who has ever suspected their partner might be doing the dirty on them (or is just plain nosey) knows the pains of wanting to do a little detective work.

Sometimes we just can’t help having a little peek at their inbox while they’re in the shower, even though we know we really shouldn’t.

And every time we find ourselves with their phone in our hands we’ve gone through the same thought process...

1. Wondering who they are always texting.

2. We know we’re always on our phone, but that’s different.

3. We trust them, we just really want to read that one message.

3. Oh, and obviously their emails, Whatsapps, FB message, LinkedIn requests and all retweets since 2009.

4. This is definitely something people tell you not to do.

5. No possible good will come from this.

6. Well, if they have nothing to hide.


7. But what if they do have something to hide.

8. The opportune moment arrives and you have a split second to decide whether to be a good person or a terrible one.

8. The fear that they’ll walk back in the room.

9. Not knowing if you want them to be cheating or not.

10. If they aren’t, you feel cripplingly guilty for not trusting your super loyal partner.

11. And if they are cheating you can’t bring it up because you found out by being a snoopy psychopath.

12. This has never ended well for anyone ever in the history of relationships.

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