Could Cheese Tea Be The Next Big Trend In The UK?

Nothing is sacred.

China has spawned a new beverage hybrid - and we’re not sure the rest of the world can handle it.

Cheese-topped tea is the latest trend to sweep Asian tea houses, according to Condé Nast Traveler, and it’s already made its way across the ocean to the States.

This can only mean one thing - next stop, Britain.

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This style of tea comes in various flavours such as matcha, oolong, jasmine and black tea, according to Condé Nast Traveler, and is then topped with an inch of whipped cheese.

The idea is that the creamy foam helps to detract from the bitter taste of the tea.

The foam, which reportedly has a thick consistency (similar to whipped cream), gives the drink a milkshake-esque vibe.

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One of the main cheese tea purveyors in China is Heytea, who often witness five-hour queues for their drinks - even on weekdays.

Jin Qian tried Heytea’s cheesy beverage and wrote for that the tea itself tasted “rather unremarkable”. They did add however that the cheese flavour lingered on the tongue for a good amount of time, but added that “it came on a bit too heavy after a few gulps”.

While we think tea is great, ditto cheese, we’re still not sure the two are a matcha made in heaven.