Cher And Paddington Bear Share Care, And We Can't Bear It

"Thank you very much Mrs. Cher," the fictional bear responded on Twitter.

In a delightful Twitter exchange, Cher shared her affection for Paddington ― yes, the bear ― and Paddington reciprocated.

The Golden Globe, Grammy, Emmy and Academy Award winner tweeted on Thursday morning that her vote for best performance by a male actor is Paddington Bear:

Accompanied by an emoji and arbitrary capitalization, as Cher is wont to do on her Twitter page, the tweet immediately took off.

For the unfamiliar, Paddington is a fictional bear featured in children’s books that first appeared in the late 1950s. He has recently achieved a resurgence in popular culture in the 2014 film “Paddington” and 2017′s “Paddington 2.” Cher’s tweet on Paddington’s acting (the bear is voiced by actor Ben Whishaw) doesn’t distinguish whether she was referring to his chops in the first, second or both films.

Despite not being real, Paddington has a Twitter account that he is fairly active on. As such, upon seeing Cher’s tweet, Paddington responded to her praise.

In addressing “Mrs. Cher,” Paddington expressed his happiness that she enjoys his films and quipped that his family’s housekeeper, Mrs. Bird, won’t stop singing the goddess of pop’s 1989 smash hit, “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Can you handle this? No, we can’t either.

Neither could Twitter:

Guys... sometimes Twitter is good. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go watch “Paddington” and hug a pillow.

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