Student Who Dropped KFC Finally Identified After Campaign

The meal was worth £15.

A student who admitted dropping his KFC on the floor after a social media campaign to find the culprit has been fined for his honesty.

“Have you lost a KFC meal? If you can help reunite the chicken and chips with its owner, please do so,” wrote the Gloucestershire Echo when it found the meal on a Cheltenham pavement last week.

After a social media hunt, University of Gloucestershire student Callum Meek came forward, saying he had dropped the meal on a night out with friends.

Cheltenham Borough Council were quick to reward the 21-year-old’s honesty with a fixed penalty notice for £80.

Meek said: "The fine is a bit gutting because students don't have much money. But I guess it is fair.

“It is just a bit annoying because most people don't get caught and fined for something like this, but it is fair though."

If Meek pays within seven days, the fine drops to £50.

The wasted meal is thought to have been worth £15.

"That is like two weeks' worth of food for me," Meek added.

The business student was celebrating handing in an assignment when the handle on his KFC meal broke at St George's Place Cheltenham.

Councillor Andrew McKinlay said: "Nobody wants to see litter on our streets and residents of the town will want to know that we are doing all we can to keep Cheltenham tidy.

“Some of the reaction to the Echo's story was undoubtedly amusing.

"However, the unpleasant result of littering like this and the £2 million annual bill for clearing the streets is no laughing matter,” he told the Mirror.

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