Ultimate Food Porn: 10 Pictures Of Chouxnuts That Will Make You Drool

We'll never eat anything else ever again.

The Chouxnut, a phenomenal pastry creation which combines an eclair and a doughnut, is now on sale in Selfridges.

Bijou Choux bakery in north London are the first people in the UK to create the decadent rings of choux pastry filled with creme patissiere and topped with glaze and decorations (although they originated across the pond in San Francisco).

If you can’t hoof it down to the city, take a look at some of the best creations on Instagram.

This, boys and girls, is pastry porn at its best...

Greentea chouxnut 🍩👌🏻

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Good morning choux lovers. It's a 4 day week! 😍🍩😍

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It's Saturday! 🎉 Let CHOUX brighten your day with a Sweet and Salty Chounut ☀️ #chouxsf

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