03/10/2017 12:38 BST | Updated 04/10/2017 10:58 BST

Chris Hughes Publishes Open Letter To Katie Price Warning Her To Leave Him And Olivia Attwood Alone

'You’ve showed your true colours.'

Chris Hughes has warned Katie Price to “stop harassing” him and girlfriend Olivia Attwood in an open letter published on Twitter. 

The ‘Love Island’ star has been embroiled in a public war of words with the ‘Loose Women’ panellist, after she denied sending him a string of flirty messages. 

He later made them public on Twitter, prompting Katie to claim she had a whole heap of responses from him, which she said he is hiding. 

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Katie Price and Chris Hughes

Responding to her latest tweets in which she said she had “51 screenshots” of his replies, he issued a stern warning to her, claiming she’d been “making up lies”.  

“Katie Price get your head out your arse and focus on your on life, your children and stop harassing myself and Olivia,” he raged. 

“I outed you because that’s what I do when I get accused [of] lying or being told I’m not telling the truth. I have no shame or embarrassment showing those messages you sent me. I have no regrets either, so just accept that someone’s stood up to you and called you out on it. 

“You’re making up lies, you’ve lived your life through for years. Focus on yourself. I couldn’t care about you in the slightest. You’ve showed your true colours. 

“Go away, make up shit about me, show everyone these bullshit messages you’ve created. For anyone with half a brain cell, on Snapchat you can add someone via contacts. That way you’ll see I haven’t sent you anything.”

He continued: “Bitch about me, call me names, tell every paper this bullshit. I stand by who I am and not going to let someone like you mug me off. 

“Accept the fact you’ve shown colours in those messages I released last week and stop looking to equalise. I am done with your bullshit. Leave me and my girlfriend alone to live our lives.”

He added: “You’ve been shamed, live with it, move on.”

Last week, Chris faced a grilling from the ‘Loose Women’ panel on the topic of Katie’s messages to him, and stood my his decision to make them public. 

He told Kaye AdamsStacey SolomonAnne Diamond and Andrea McLean: “In my opinion, that is flirty. I’ve got a girlfriend, and like she said in her tweets, she’s met me once. She doesn’t actually know me. 

“For someone to message me at half three in the morning, and to message someone repetitively who’s not responding, to me that’s flirting when I’ve got a girlfriend. That’s my opinion on it and that’s the way I see it. Other people don’t see it as flirting - I personally do.

“Therefore, when she said she hadn’t sent them, that’s basically accusing me of lying. 

“When someone accuses me of something I haven’t done or being a liar, then I will back myself and defend myself. Possibly in the heat of the moment, it might not have been the right thing to do, but I don’t regret what I did.”

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