20/04/2017 12:16 BST

Chris Pratt Addresses 'Passengers' Backlash For The First Time

And he's standing by the film, everyone.

Chris Pratt has spoken for the first time about the criticism his recent film ‘Passengers’ faced, admitting that he’s still “proud” of his performance, despite the controversy.

Last year, Chris starred opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the sci-fi drama, which centres around two space travelers awoken from induced hibernation 90 years too soon, while on a voyage across space.

However, some cinema-goers were surprised to learn that Chris’s character actively woke up his co-passenger, after becoming enamoured with her while she slept.

This part of the plot, left out of the film’s trailer, sparked a negative reaction from many critics and viewers, which the actor has now addressed for the first time.

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in 'Passengers'
Columbia Pictures/Rex/Shutterstock
'Passengers' wasn't exactly well-received upon its release

While the film’s plot didn’t sit well with some audiences, Chris’s co-star Jennifer Lawrence landed herself in hot water during the promotional trail.

The Oscar-winning star was forced to issue an apology following an interview in which she described “scratching her butt” on sacred stones while filming in Hawaii.

Both actors were also later accused of transphobia following a round of “Playground Insults” during a joint appearance on Radio 1.

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