Chrissy Teigen Explains Her Snapchat Decision And Why She Feels For The Beyoncé Biter

The "Lip Sync Battle" host also opens up about pregnancy and baby Luna.

There’s rarely a day when Chrissy Teigen doesn’t delight us with her funny tweets or adorable photos of baby Luna on Instagram.

Just this week, she made headlines twice. First for announcing that she’s quitting Snapchat.

Then Teigen garnered a lot of attention for suggesting she knew which actress bit Beyoncé in the face at a party in December ― after Tiffany Haddish spilled the beans without naming names in a GQ interview.

In between her tweets and ’grams, Teigen is busy hosting “Lip Sync Battle,” raising her daughter and preparing for baby No. 2 with husband John Legend.

She also recently teamed up with Pampers, signing on as the first-ever creative consultant for Pampers Pure Collection. As part of the gig, she’ll collaborate with designers, marketing, and research and development teams on diaper prints.

We caught up with Teigen this week to ask her about motherhood, leaving Snapchat and the Beyoncé biter story.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Changing diapers. You got quite a bit familiar with doing that in the last year or so.

They do not faze me at all. I think it comes from having so many animals my entire life. John didn’t grow up with dogs, but through me he has quite a few. He’s very good about changing diapers. We don’t think anything of it. I think it’s funny when movies and things make such a scene out of it. Like, listen, they’re going to poop. They’re going to pee. It’s going to be fine. … It always helps when they’re distracted, I realize. I have all sorts of tricks to distract them during the diaper process. With Luna, you have to sing to her and do a jingle and hand her ... something she can eat while she’s being diapered.

Does she understand that she’s getting a baby brother?

Not at all. She’s so young. She’s not even 2 yet. I think she knows that there’s something in my belly. She will touch my belly and say “baby.” But also, I’m not positive she knows what a “baby” is. She has her baby dolls and she takes care of them. And she’s very nurturing and loving. We’re going to give a little boy doll to her the same day the little boy is born. And, hopefully, I’ve been told, she will nurture and love on her baby while I’m nurturing and loving on mine.

What’s the biggest difference being pregnant this time around versus the last time?

Nothing, except I’m just bigger. I feel great. I have energy and stuff, but I have just gotten bigger, faster and I just keep growing. I just learn to embrace it. It just becomes funny at one point. Like sometimes I get out of the bathtub and I look at myself and I just walk to John and I’m like, “Look at me, this is hysterical.” You just have to come to terms with it and laugh at it. And I think it’s so funny how the body changes with each pregnancy and I also think it’s kind of beautiful and fascinating. But more than anything, it’s funny. … Like I could have worked out, but how much is that going to do?

How would you describe John as a dad?

He’s so hands-on. John and I are opposite in so many ways and that really helps with parenting because he’s so good with having full conversations with Luna. He’s so good with language. He’s so good with explaining things patiently. He’s a teacher at heart. … It’s really nice to have that balance because she needs all those things. I’m very touchy and lovey and kissy. And she really is so good about knowing which one of us is going to help both of her needs.

Do you spend a lot of time crafting tweets, or do they come naturally to you?

No, if I did then I wouldn’t ever get in trouble. I’ve learned. I will write a tweet and then I’ll read it to myself and will say, “Do I feel like dealing with this?” And then 90 percent of the time I backspace on it. Like I had so many things to say the other day during the Stormy [Daniels] thing. I have been very, very good. And it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe these things or I don’t want to say these things. It’s just I don’t want to deal with it. I’m exhausted. I’m mentally tired sometimes. And I don’t have the energy to explain myself to everybody. So, I just have grown so much in that way.

Yesterday, with the Beyoncé biting tweet. That got a lot of traction.

I know, it really brought us together as a nation. … It was nice to have a lighter day.

I know you already said, “I said too much.” Is there anything you can say about how you know?

I think it comes from being on social media for so long. I’ve always really respected the journalists I’ve gotten to meet and gotten to talk to ― and it’s so funny because I received the most random texts yesterday and the most random direct messages. And I brought this upon myself, of course. And now that they know I know, I look like the one who’s withholding information. But I will say my first guesses were completely wrong. And I love everybody involved. I don’t mean to hold it from everybody, but man, if it didn’t resonate with me so much. Like I’ve had those moments where I’ve done and said something on “Lip Sync Battle” to some celebrity, and I don’t know, I feel for this person so much. ... I totally could have been this person. Like I told John, “This wasn’t me, right?” I really had to check. It was a serious question.

But you did say that in the past you’ve done and said a lot of “shit.”

Oh, my goodness. The amount of awards shows we’ve been to, the celebrities that come through “Lip Sync” — I’m sure there are so many people who have a crazy story. I’m just blessed enough that they haven’t been shared.

You also made headlines this week by backing out of Snapchat.

I didn’t want people to boycott them or anything. I’ve always been the kind of person, like when it came to anything, if you didn’t agree with what somebody said then I’m the kind of person who personally just won’t use the brand, support the brand or the person. I never called for a mass boycott. It just wasn’t working for me. I was upset about the Rihanna thing, honestly. That just didn’t sit well with me. So, I don’t know. I didn’t love it.

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