Best Christmas Films On TV 2016: The Films You've Already Seen 100 Times - Which One Will You Inevitably Be Watching Again?

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas...

Yes, yes, we know there are a thousand new titles making their small screen debut, with all networks forking out the big bucks to bring the blockbusters to your sofas.

However, for most of us, it tends to be the regular offerings that sum up Christmas, the film that’s ‘on because it’s on’ which somehow half the family end up watching... again.

So with the comforting inevitability of too many mince pies and a Boxing Day snooze, here is our shortlist of the familiar favourites that will no doubt grace your screens once again. We’ve selected one for each day of the festive TV schedule. Just click on your personal pick, and we’ll see which one comes out on top. Can you guess?


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