Cindy Crawford Re-Creates Her Iconic Super Bowl Ad 31 Years Later

The supermodel quenches her thirst once again in a new music video for "One Margarita," which is among this summer's biggest TikTok hits.

Cindy Crawford is giving one of the summer’s most buzzed-about songs an assist by turning back the clock more than three decades.

This week, the supermodel appeared in a new music video for a remix of That Chick Angel’s One Margarita (Margarita Song), where she faithfully re-creates her iconic Pepsi commercial from the 1992 Super Bowl.

The original ad saw Crawford pulling up to a gas station to snag a Pepsi from a vending machine as a pair of young boys looked on.

The One Margarita remix video finds Crawford once again sporting a white tank top and blue denim bottoms as she did 31 years ago. This time, however, she pops into what appears to be a south-of-the-border cantina to quench her thirst with a margarita.

Fans will also spot tequila from Casamigos — a brand that Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, co-founded with George Clooney — displayed on the bar.

Watch the music video for One Margarita (Saucy Remix) below:

One Margarita was recorded by That Chick Angel ― a singer, podcaster and comedian whose real name is Angel Laketa Moore ― earlier this summer. The remix features rapper Saucy Santana, who recently collaborated with Madonna for a modernised take on Material Girl.

The original version of One Margarita made global headlines for its explicit lyrics, and has reportedly been streamed more than 10 million times. It’s also a viral smash on TikTok, where it’s been featured in over 60,000 videos, including clips posted by Lizzo and Janelle Monáe.

Moore has said she got the idea for the song after catching a sermon by the Christian evangelist Cynthia Smock, who goes by the name Sister Cindy on TikTok and is known for for sex-shaming and expressing anti-LGBTQ+ views.

Cindy Crawford as she appeared in the Pepsi ad from the 1992 Super Bowl.
Cindy Crawford as she appeared in the Pepsi ad from the 1992 Super Bowl.
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Speaking to HuffPost last month, Moore clarified that she didn’t intend to make fun of Sister Cindy, but noted that the unhinged nature of that sermon felt personal.

“I grew up Christian, I identify as Christian, but I know there’s a lot of shame put on sexuality and sexual expression,” Moore said.

“To even talk about anal sex in a song — or a woman saying, ‘Ima put it in your bum’ — is not something you hear every day,” she added. “But if that’s how you get down, if you’re someone who is consenting, go’ head! If it’s your style, go ahead and sing about it.”


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