6 Money-Saving Cleaning Hacks To Brighten Your Day

Who needs £4 spray when you've got a lemon?

Nobody likes forking out their hard-earned cash on expensive cleaning sprays.

Thankfully for you, these handy hacks use ingredients that are already in your cupboards, meaning you can clean your house easily without breaking the bank.

Winner, winner.

1. Rub half an onion on a heated grill

This will clear all of the muck and grit off it easily - plus it adds flavour to your food when you use the grill.

Just make sure you use a fork to do the rubbing instead of your fingers as third degree burns are never fun.

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2. Banish toilet stains with cola

Out of bleach? Fear not, as cola works wonders on getting rid of unsightly toilet stains.

Simply pour some coke into your toilet and leave in there for roughly an hour, then flush away and be amazed by your sparkly bowl.

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3. Use vinegar and baking soda to clean burnt pans

Get rid of those annoying burnt-on bits in your favourite saucepan by pouring vinegar into it and placing it on the hob.

Once the vinegar begins to boil, add two teaspoons of baking soda and leave it to work its magic.

Turn the hob off, pour the liquid away and give it a scrub, being careful not to burn yourself. Then watch in amazement as the burnt bits come away.

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4. Make your tap sparkle with lemon

If your stainless steel bathroom taps look like they’ve seen better days, simply rub half a lemon over them and wipe away the residue with a cloth.

Ta-dah! Sparkle time.

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5. Clean your microwave with lemon juice

Add lemon juice to a bowl of water for a microwave detox.

Pop the bowl in the microwave and turn on for 10 minutes. Once it’s finished working its magic, simply wipe away the grime and bask in the simplicity of it all.

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6. Clean your shower head with vinegar

Grab a sandwich bag and attach it to your shower head as a DIY de-scaler, making sure the metal head is sat in liquid.

Leave it overnight and it should, fingers crossed, eliminate all of the dirty bits.

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