12 Thoughts Everyone Has About The Clocks Changing

Wait, do we get less sleep? 💤

Here it is again, the biannual clock confusion that means our morning routine is thrown into chaos for 24 hours while we try to master time travel.

While we are pleased that the daylight savings ritual, which sees time move forward an hour, signals summer is on the way, we’re not looking forward to an hour less Sunday lie in.

Here are 12 thoughts we all have about the clocks changing.

1. Wondering whether the clocks are going forwards or backwards.

2. Forgetting if this means lighter mornings or lighter evenings.

3. Using it as the topic of awkward office chat for two weeks prior.

4. Failing to understand why daylights savings is still a thing.

5. Thinking extensively about the routines of farmers.

6. Being baffled about what this means for your sleep routine.

7. Realising it actually means that you get less time in bed.

8. Being annoyed at your former self for not enjoying your lie in when the clocks went back.

9. Worrying that you will sleep in and miss every social engagement ever made.

10. Wishing they changed on a Monday so you had an excuse to be late for work.

11. Having trust issues with your phone about whether it will remember to change.

12. Deciding it’s not worth changing the microwave clock and living with it for the next six months.

Let’s do this people.