The Infuriating Ketchup Problem Has Finally Been Solved

It's an inspired solution.

It might only be February, but we have a contender for best of invention of the year (or even the century): a coating that solves ‘the ketchup problem’.

Designed by scientists at MIT, this super slippery material lets tomato sauce glide out of bottles as easily as water.

Just think, no more furiously stabbing the bottle with a knife, or coating your breakfast with the entire contents in an act of rage.

It doesn’t just apply to ketchup either. The coating can be used in a range of containers, including those holding toothpaste, cosmetics and even glue.


The material could dramatically reduce food waste too, its inventors say.

Dr David Smith, co-inventor, told the BBC: “With the manufacture of these sticky products there is about 200 million gallons of material each year that gets stuck to tanks and then gets washed off and thrown away.

“And in packages there are about 40 billion packs with material stuck in packages so the technology has the potential to significantly reduce waste.”

To create the slippery surface, the container must first be coated with a rough surface, with a thin layer placed over the top. A liquid coating finishes the job.


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