7 Delicious Cocktail Recipes To Make At Home

Hotels and bars across the UK have shared simple recipes with HuffPost UK.

We don’t have long left until pubs are open indoors – so until then, you might want to have a go at making cocktails at home.

Hotels and bars across the UK have shared some simple recipes with HuffPost UK that shouldn’t be too hard to master. The second drink always tastes better, anyway. Drink responsibly, but enjoy!

1. Beach Vibes

Imagine the sweet whoosh of sea waves with this rum-based delight named The Bastion Beach. The recipe is from The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool.

The Shankly Hotel

25 ml Bacardi Carta Fuego
25 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
12.5 ml passion Fruit syrup
12.5 ml strawberry syrup
25 ml orange juice
12.5 ml cranberry juice
Muddled strawberries

Method: Shake all ingredients and pour over clean ice in a hurricane glass, garnished with half a passion fruit.

2. Flower Power

Transport yourself to an English country garden with this melon liqueur-based cocktail inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show. The recipe was provided by Sopwell House.

Sopwell House

40ml Midori
15ml fresh lime juice
20ml apple juice
Garnish: Edible flower

Method: Prepare a martini glass with ice. Add the Midori, fresh lime juice and apple juice to a cocktail shaker and combine. Pour into the prepared glass, garnish with an edible flower if you have one, and enjoy.

3. A Sailor’s Tipple

According to the maestros at Bohemia Bar and Restaurant in Jersey, this cocktail was originally served to sailors to combat scurvy. It won’t help with Covid-19, but it sounds tasty nonetheless.

Bohemia Bar and Restaurant

50ml gin
25ml lime cordial or fresh-squeezed lime juice
1 wedge of lime

Method: Shake ingredients together with ice cubes and strain into a glass. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

4. Candy Floss Magic

This candy floss-inspired drink will have you reminiscing about funfairs in no time. Recipe by The Ivy in the Lanes in Brighton.

The Ivy in the Lanes

20ml Havana 3-year-old rum
Rose juice

Method: Combine first three ingredients, shake and strain, top up with Champagne (or Prosecco). It’s usually garnished with candy floss on a stick, but we’re guessing that could be quite hard to get hold of right now.

5. Whisky Wonder

This whisky and beetroot-based delight will put hairs on your chest. Recipe provided by Scotland’s Fairmont St Andrews.

Fairmont St Andrews

35ml Eden Mill (or another Scottish blended whisky)
15ml Disaronno
26ml organic beetroot juice
1 whole lemon juiced
Dash of sugar syrup
Dash of gingerbread syrup

Method: Chill cocktail glass with ice. Mix all ingredients with ice in a shaker then discard ice from glasses. Strain into glass and add garnish of lemon peel.

6. Berry Nice

The refreshing blackberry and ginger mule is the perfect way to cool down after a long afternoon walk. Recipe by The Principal Edinburgh, George Street.

The Principal Edinburgh

3 blackberries
50ml vodka
10ml sugar syrup
25ml ginger cordial
15ml lime juice
Fever-Tree ginger beer
Garnish: blackberry, mint sprig

Method: Place three blackberries into the glass and muddle (crush with the back of a spoon if you don’t have a muddler). Add the vodka, sugar syrup, ginger cordial and lime juice to the glass and stir with some cubed ice. Top with ginger beer and more ice if you need it. Garnish with a blackberry and mint.

7. Breakfast Bonanza

If hair of the dog is the order of the day, look no further than The Breakfast Martini, created by Donovan Bar at Brown’s Hotel, London.

Donovan Bar at Browns Hotel

50ml good quality gin
15ml Cointreau
15ml fresh lemon juice
One good spoonful of orange shredded marmalade

Method: Add all the ingredients into a shaker, stir to dilute the marmalade before adding ice – this prevents the marmalade crystallising. Add ice and shake.