Colin Furze's Hoverbike Is A DIY Work Of Genius

Colin Furze's hoverbike, much like the hoverboard or self-lacing trainer, is the ultimate marker that we are now living in our own vision of the future.

It is the replacement for the car - the hovering runabout that can let us shoot over the trees and pop to the shops for a pint of milk and a newspaper.

Colin Furze

Taken from a top ten list of over 13k suggestions, Furze's hoverbike is the latest in his Unlearn series of inventions.

The inventor has been partnering up with Ford to create a series of videos which challenge the conventions of how we get from a to b.

So far the inventor has been trialling different forms of transport from jet packs to hoverbikes and soon Furze plans to put them all together to create the ultimate form of transport.

Colin Furze

Furze's other creations have spanned from the incredible jet engine Go-Kart to a heating knife that toasts bread as you cut it.

He first rose to prominance on YouTube though through his superhero videos, a collection of inventions that mimicked the abilities of the X-Men from Wolverine's claws to wrist-mounted flamethrowers that recreated the abilities of Pyro.

Colin Furze's Best Inventions: