Marine Le Pen Backer Places Bet Then Tries To Claim Son Hacked His Account


A Marine Le Pen fan has claimed he lost £500 when his underage son placed a bet on her victory without his knowledge - despite much evidence to the contrary.

The saga at first appears to be a cautionary tale in leaving unattended computers around children.

Enter our protagonist, Colin Johnson, a self-declared “bad boy of BREXIT!” who goes by the dubious Twitter handle of @WollyGogg.

Rough situation to be in - £500 isn’t exactly small change.

Also, a 13-year-old isn’t legally allowed to gamble, a fact not lost on Colin.

He even tried to get Jeremy Vine involved.

Indeed, Ladbrokes did eventually appear to respond.

But a quick look through Colin’s previous tweets suggest that even if he didn’t place a £500 bet, he was very sure she’d win.

In fact, according to this now-mysteriously absent tweet, he did place a £500 bet on Le Pen to win.


Speaking to HuffPost UK, Colin said: “My son went on ladbrokes and didn’t realise it was logged on. He clicked on Marine and put £500 to see what number would come up in the winnings

“Then he clicked enter, he had no idea my account was logged on. so i check last night and realise £500 is gone!”

He also sent a screengrab of a betting slip showing the £500 bet dated 23 April.

When asked about the tweet appearing to show him talking of the £500 bet, he insisted it was a fake.

He was then asked about another tweet from Ronnie Pagett. Both Colin and Andrew Neil are tagged in it suggesting it is in reply to the now-deleted tweet.

To which Colin definitely did reply...

Colin said: “You will have to ask Ronnie.. I have deleted a couple of tweeties (sic) as i was getting abuse off anti-Le Pen people but I never said I put a bet on.”

Further muddying the murky waters of this intriguing Twitter mystery is evidence of another now-absent tweet from Colin from a few days ago in which he mentions a £250 bet.

Colin told HuffPost UK: “Never seen it in my life.”

Speaking of his 13-year-old son, he added: “He is apologetic... he owned up to it and is gutted.”

Asked if his Twitter handle was racist, he said: “A load of rubbish.. these people take offence at anything!”

Other Twitter users are sceptical to say the least.

Undeterred, at the time of writing Colin was still pursuing his refund and attempting to persuade reporters to take up his side of the story.

And still getting rinsed for it.