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'Come Dine With Me' Contestant Kicked Off, In A First For The Show

It was a first for 'CDWM'.

‘Come Dine With Me’ has seen plenty of rows over its 12 years on the air, but we’ve finally worked out what it takes for a contestant to be thrown off the show.

Last week, ‘Come Dine With Me’ viewers grew rather perplexed, after one of the episode’s four contestants seemingly disappeared without an explanation.

One minute, Rory was rowing with one of his competitors about whether or not Gary Barlow really was the biggest star in Take That. The next, he had a red cross through his face and wasn’t mentioned again.

Channel 4
Not what you want on tea-time telly, is it?

Obviously, fans of the show were quick to pick up on this, and fellow contestant Jennifer has now spoken out.

Speaking to the Dunfermline Press (always first with their TV exclusives), Jennifer explained: “I loved meeting the others, and me and my husband are going along to one of their 40th birthdays.

“There was a bit of a drama, though, and a first on the show.”

She continued: “On the first night, everybody came to mine, and on the second night the host had a bit of an argument with the other gentleman… the producer said if the host didn’t apologise, he would get kicked off the show.”

And guess what? He didn’t apologise.

Channel 4
Well... that's unfortunate

Interestingly, the incident aired just shy of the one-year anniversary of one of the most cringe-inducing ‘Come Dine With Me’ moments ever, when competitor Peter Marsh threw an almighty strop, accusing his fellow contestants of sabotaging his meal and urging them to “get off his property” when he didn’t win.

And he’s not the only ‘Come Dine With Me’ star to stand out over the years...

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