23/01/2018 10:27 GMT

Connie Sawyer Dead: Hollywood’s Oldest Working Actress Dies, Aged 105


Hollywood’s oldest working actress Connie Sawyer has died at the age of 105, a spokesperson for her retirement home has confirmed.

They stated Connie died at the Motion Picture & Television Country House in Woodland Hills over the weekend (via Hollywood Reporter).

A cause of death has not been confirmed.

David Livingston via Getty Images
Connie Sawyer

Following the news, a number of fans rushed to pay tribute on Twitter:

Connie’s career in the entertainment industry started later in life and she’s best known for her roles in  ‘Dumb And Dumber’ - in which she plays the character who robs Jim Carrey’s - and ‘Pineapple Express’, which saw her star as James Franco’s on-screen grandmother.

Her first film role came at the age of 50, when she popped up in ‘A Hole In The Head’ alongside Frank Sinatra, in 1959.

Prior to that, Connie did appear in numerous TV shows, racking up over 150 small screen credits during her decades in the entertainment industry.

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