Blogger Writes Open Letter About Things Dads Are Praised For When Mums Are Criticised


A mum has written an open letter criticising the way people react differently to when a father looks after the children, rather than mothers.

Constance Hall, who has four children, wrote on her Facebook page about how failures are seen as endearing when a man makes them, but women are judged if they do the same thing.

Hall, who lives in Australia, had gone out for lunch with a friend when she needed to change her baby Snow: but she was unable to find a changing table.

So, as they were sitting outside, she went and changed her child on the grass away from other customers.

After she finished a stranger came over and criticised her for doing so.

Days later, Hall and her family were at the park with her husband Bill and he proceeded to change Snowโ€™s nappy in the middle of the park - similarly to what she herself had done.

This time when a group of strangers passed by they said: โ€œAw good dad! Thatโ€™s what we like to see, get in there.โ€

Although Hall stresses she enjoys seeing her husband being praised for being a good father, she is frustrated by the inconsistency between attitudes to both parent: โ€œI am used to being scrutinized for jobs that my husband is praised for.โ€

โ€œI am used to picking the kids up from school to judgmental looks about being late, while Bill is used to a red fucking carpet and a 12 piece band praising him for his heroic appearance at school pick up.โ€

The post has now been shared nearly 5000 times and liked 72,000 times since, clearly resonating with mums around the world.

Hall calls on all parents to praise each other, whether male or female, because every parent needs support now and then.