Beverley Callard Opens Up About Depression, After Being Signed Off 'Coronation Street'

"There is so much stigma around mental illness, and that’s the reason you have to talk about it."

‘Coronation Street’ actress Beverley Callard has opened up about her recent mental health troubles, after being signed off work with depression.

Beverley - who plays one of the soap’s best-known characters, Liz McDonald - has opened up about her battle with the mental illness, admitting that her problems came to a head when she broke down behind the scenes of ‘Corrie’.

<strong> Beverley Callard</strong>
Beverley Callard
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She claims things came to a head two weeks ago, when she broke down in tears and was sent home from work.

<strong>Beverley is best known for her role as Rovers Return landlady Liz McDonald</strong>
Beverley is best known for her role as Rovers Return landlady Liz McDonald
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However, after a short break, Beverley says she’ll be back at work next month, adding: “Fortunately – or unfortunately for some – I will be in those PVC miniskirts very soon.

Beverley’s mental health battles have been well-documented, and in her 2010 autobiography, ‘Unbroken’, she discusses her struggles with depression, which culminated in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

Earlier this week, she tweeted about how she felt her depression had returned, after learning that one of her prescription medications was no longer available.

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