‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Callum Logan Body Discovery Leaves The Grimshaws And Platts At War

Can the Platts (literally) get away with murder?

‘Coronation Street’ will be rocked by the discovery of Callum Logan’s body this week, but the Platts manage to wriggle out of trouble - by pinning the blame on Jason Grimshaw.

When David is pulled in for questioning, it soon becomes clear that he’s the prime murder suspect, and when the chance to blame someone else arises, he doesn’t hesitate before trying to frame Jason.

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Naturally, the feud does wonders for the Platt vs Grimshaw family feud, and the two clans will face off on the Street, as Eileen defends her son.

But as David does his best to distance himself from what happened to Callum, Sarah begins to buckle under the pressure, and turns to Todd for advice.

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Aware that Sarah is hiding something, Todd pushes Sarah to talk about what happened to Callum, but he gets a huge shock when she whispers that she’s guilty.

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Will the truth come out?

Earlier this month, the ‘Corrie’ cast dished the dirt to Huffington Post UK, and Jack P Shepherd, who plays David, revealed how viewers can expect things to develop.

See what he had to say below…

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