19/08/2017 08:38 BST | Updated 19/08/2017 09:46 BST

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Andy Carver Is Back From The Dead - Eight Months After Shocked Viewers Thought Pat Phelan Had Killed Him

Wait. What?

Coronation Street’ fans were left stunned following Friday’s episode, when it was revealed that evil builder Pat Phelan has been keeping Andy Carver hostage for seven months.

‘Corrie’ viewers thought Phelan had killed the bistro waiter back in January when he realised Andy had found evidence that would expose him.

Andy Carver (played by Oliver Farnworth) had been left for dead.

Phelan hit Andy over the head with a laptop and wrapped his lifeless body in a rug, leaving him for dead - or so we all thought.

Eight months on and the secret is out - Phelan has been leading a double life, keeping Andy a prisoner in the basement of a derelict house, whilst living amongst Andy’s friends on the street.

During Friday night’s episode, the shock twist was revealed as a filthy, bearded and terrified Andy popped up at the end of the episode.


Eagle-eyed viewers might have already spotted some clues about the secret plotline.

In scenes carefully seeded in episodes since January Phelan has appeared with a mysterious black eye, made excuses about returning home late and even hid bags of shopping in his van.

Now, with neither Luke nor Steph searching for him, Andy’s only option is to escape his prison and on Monday night (August 21st) he lies in wait for his captor with a rope. As Phelan arrives in the basement he pounces on him in a desperate bid for freedom.


Andy’s shock return went down well with soap fans, who took to Twitter to share their delight...

Actor Oliver Farnworth, who plays Andy, has revealed the lengths he had to go to in order to keep the storyline a secret from viewers - and his fellow ‘Corrie’ co-stars.

 He explains: “It has been fun and difficult and exciting and challenging to keep that secret going.

“I told a few close friends and family - an inner circle that I would trust with my life, but apart from that no one else really knew, even a lot of people at Corrie didn’t know.

“I felt a bit like a movie star being driven in my own personal car to set every day and come out with sunglasses on and a hood over my head to avoid the paparazzi.

“I thought it was ultimately hilarious and part of the challenge so I accepted that. It helped in some ways for the role and mental preparation to be isolated from everyone in that way

“Even on location at lunchtime I would take myself off without thinking and sit in my dressing room and eat on my own, not because I was being antisocial, you just get into that mindset. I am by no means a method actor but keeping that going all day really helped to get into the mindset of the role.”

‘Coronation Street’ continues on Monday 21 August at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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