01/12/2017 09:54 GMT

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Daniel Osbourne Set For ‘Unexpected’ Romance

Will they be the new Cain and Harriet?

‘Coronation Street’ boss Kate Oates has revealed that viewers will see Daniel Osbourne find love again, revealing that an “unexpected” romance is on the horizon.

Refusing to reveal who we’ll see Daniel hook up with, Kate teased that viewers will definitely be surprised, stating: I think that people will go, ‘Oh! That’s a slightly crazy pairing!’.”

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Daniel and Sinead's relationship did not end well 

“It’s one of those slightly unusual dynamics where, if you think about it, you can see what each of them is getting out of the relationship,” she told the Sun. “But on paper you might think, ‘Oh that’s a surprise’.”

Kate also preempted that some people might feel uneasy with the storyline, stating that she’d “encourage the viewers who are wrong-footed by it” to “think about what each character might be getting out of this little fling and it will hopefully make more sense”.

Rob Mallard’s character hasn’t had much luck in the romance department, since returning to Weatherfield last November and his relationship with Sinead Tinker ended when Chesney Brown managed to win her back.

To make matters worse, Sinead and Chesney are set to marry in the New Year.

Over the years, Soapland has served up plenty of unexpected romances and Deirdre Barlow’s affair with Dev Alahan will always be one of our favourites. 

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