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Could This Be The Mother Of All Home Set-Ups?

Podcaster and author Clemmie Telford takes us inside her home and shows us how her tech setup and passions are fuelled by super reliable Sky Broadband Superfast
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We’re pretty sure that when you look up ‘multitasker’ in the dictionary, you’re going to see a picture of content creator Clemmie Telford.

Not only is Clemmie host of the But Why? podcast (and author of a forthcoming book with the same title), which aims to get to the bottom of all of life’s tricky-to-answer questions, she’s also the curator behind The Mother of All Lists blog. Throw three kids into the mix and it’s no wonder she describes her household as ‘absolute chaos.’

Clemmie took HuffPost UK on a tour of her home, which is also where she runs her business from.

‘The fact is, I am a mum who is also a content creator, and it really pays for me to have reliable broadband. If I spot a brilliant moment, I can shoot it and get it straight up’ she tells the camera.

The tour begins downstairs, where Clemmie shows off her ‘gallery of electronic devices,’ a corner of the kitchen where lots of the tech in her household resides, like tablets, kids’ gaming consoles and smart speakers.

‘At certain points in the day, everybody is streaming something different, from a different place,’ Clemmie explains.

It’s a familiar sight in many family households – but works seamlessly thanks to super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast.

In pride of place? A smart home assistant, which Telford jokes she uses ‘to help me parent,’ setting alarms to notify the kids of what they need to do when she’s upstairs working.

Clemmie works upstairs, in her home office. The room is full of colour and inspiration, with books everywhere – no surprise it was the ideal space for Clemmie to write her own book, which examines how to have those tricky conversations with your kids (and be honest with yourself in the process).

Clemmie’s bedroom is her calm zone, her creative space and another workspace, too. It’s where she records her podcast and hosts Instagram Lives.

‘I record the podcast right here in our bedroom and it’s very real. I’m up here with my laptop on a pile of books, and getting studio quality sound at home. I’m really lucky that I get to do what I love and it enables me to provide for my family, and that wouldn’t be possible without reliable broadband,’ she says in the video.

Watch the video above for the full tour of Clemmie’s home and her connected devices.

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