‘Countdown’: Nick Hewer Just Delivered The Show’s Best Innuendo Yet

We're actually speechless.

‘Countdown’ has had more than its fair share of rude moments in recent months, mainly thanks to some unfortunate letter sequences, which leave Rachel Riley accidentally spelling a word that’s childishly funny.

This time though, we have host Nick Hewer to thank for our barely-stifled giggles, as he made a comment that must have seemed totally innocent in his head, but was actually, well, just watch it for yourself:

Gagging for a hard one. Gagging for a hard one? Oh, Nick. We’re blushing for you.

This cackle-inducing moment comes just one month after a double-whammy of rude words, which occurred when one set of letters resulted in contestants spelling ‘bulge’ and then ‘bumhole’.

Previous eyebrow-raising words spelled out on the show’s board include ‘itchysemi’ and ‘fannies’. Yes, seriously.

Check out Countdown’s most memorable rude moments below…

Countdown's Naughtiest Words

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