‘Countdown’ Star Susie Dent Shares Details Of Unsettling Fan Letter Written In Blood

"It was a slightly strange one.”

Countdown’s Susie Dent has told of a disturbing letter she once received from a fan that was written in blood.

The Dictionary Corner resident was understandably worried when she opened the bloodied message, which also contained a request she wouldn’t reveal.

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She said (via The Mirror): “It made me dizzy thinking about it. It was a slightly strange one.”

But that isn’t the only weird item one of the ‘Countdown’ team has received through the post, as host Nick Hewer previously said he received a pair of red knickers in the post from one infatuated fan.

Speaking about it, Susie said: “I’ve certainly not had any knickers – male or otherwise – that I know of. The team are wonderful, I think they probably check things before they pass them on.”

Susie also opened up about the on-screen chemistry she shares with former ‘Apprentice’ aide Nick and his co-presenter Rachel Riley, who are often left in fits of laughter at innuendos that come up on the famous letters board.

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Susie, who has held the same position on ‘Countdown’ for 25 years, said:“It’s less swear words and more innuendo. Usually Nick and I are blissfully unaware and Rachel tells us, ‘You can’t say that.’

“One day there had been a series of incredibly easy number games so Rachel didn’t have to do anything and Nick looked over to her and said, ‘Poor Rachel, she’s gagging for a hard one’.

“There was another occasion when I was doing the etymology of items of clothing.

“I got to underwear and was talking about suspenders and teddies — I looked at Nick and said, ‘I don’t know if you’ve ever come across a teddy, Nick?’ at which point Rachel doubled over and Martin Lewis, who was in dictionary corner, was banging his head on the desk. Things like that happen often.”

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