Bride In Despair After Mother-In-Law Books Holiday To Same Honeymoon Destination

Apparently it was an 'accident'.

A bride-to-be has been left fuming after her mother-in-law ‘accidentally’ booked a holiday to the same resort where she is planning to honeymoon with her fiancé.

And at the same time, too.

The woman, known only as ‘WinterIsHereJon’, took to Mumsnet to ask whether it would be acceptable to change the destination of her honeymoon so she wouldn’t be forced to bump into her “difficult” mother-in-law.

Mumsnet users responded with immense sympathy and encouraged the disheartened bride-to-be to find a different resort.

One user said: “Make sure you book a different honeymoon. Start as you mean to go on - she has no business booking the same resort on the same dates. There are loads of other lovely resorts and you will find a nicer one, without your mother-in-law.”

The bride, who is due to marry her fiancé in 2017, said they had been trying to plan their honeymoon over the Christmas break.

Her partner’s mother stayed with them during this time and was involved in their discussions.

The couple had expressed interest in going to the Caribbean, spending a few days in the US on the way back, however their mother-in-law had other ideas and believed they should honeymoon in Cyprus.

The bride-to-be said they were limited on dates they could take off, so they told their mother-in-law which dates worked best for them, as she had offered to help out with looking after the children.

However they soon realised they’d made a terrible mistake.

“She’s posted on Facebook that she’s booked a holiday to the same chuffing resort she knew we were looking at. Worse than that, the dates overlap so she’d be there for the first few days of our honeymoon,” explained the bride-to-be.

“She’s making out like it was a pure accident but I really don’t feel that it is.”

The future bride added that “luckily” they hadn’t booked the resort yet and, after shedding a few frustrated tears, she is now looking for alternative resorts.

And you thought your Christmas was bad...