Couple Has Nude Wedding In Front Of Strangers After Family Too Embarrassed To Attend

'Not having to buy a dress was definitely a bonus.'

Please note: This article includes images containing nudity.

A couple got married in front of complete strangers with no family present – so they could wed in the nude.

British-born Jeff Adams, 54, and New Zealand partner Sue Adams, 47, wore nothing but their birthday suits to tie the knot in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, in April.

The grandparents-of-six said they weren’t upset none of their family attended their naked nuptials, with the unusual ceremony held in front of strangers at a naturist resort.


Mum-of-three and bakery worker Sue, who lives in the Northern Gold Coast in Queensland, said: “This was my chance to have the wedding I wanted, because the first time I got married I hated the day.

“For me it is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but it wasn’t because it wasn’t the wedding I wanted. I was so uncomfortable and it was not my perfect day at all.

“It didn’t upset me in the slightest that family and friends didn’t come. For many years my life revolved around doing and being and saying what everyone else wanted me to and I’ve grown out of that now.

“The wedding was all about Jeff and I and our relationship and that was how it should be. If people didn’t like it, we really didn’t care.

“It was definitely a huge weight off my mind not to worry about having to find a wedding dress! I’m not a big shopper so as long as I had the ring I didn’t care about anything else – and not having to buy a dress was definitely a bonus. It was a beautiful day.”

New Zealand-born Sue and Jeff, who was born in Hatfield, Herts, met online in 2015 and discovered they were living just 20 minutes apart in rural Queensland.

After three and a half months together they visited a nudist beach at Byron Bay, New South Wales, before holidaying at a naturist resort in Europe, Croatia, in June 2016.

Jeff proposed during a trip to Eagle View Naturist Retreat in Rockmount, Toowoomba and in October 2016 they decided to have their wedding there.


The couple tied the knot this April in the resort’s heart-shaped garden and apart from several friends and the couple who owned the retreat, they knew none of the attendees.

Jeff and Sue stayed in the buff for the duration of the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception and even had nude cake toppers crafted out of fondant icing.

Sue wore only a veil, blue garter and white sandals while Jeff bared all apart from flip-flops and stuck a floral buttonhole onto his bare chest.

A licensed marriage celebrant – Mandeep Sandhu from Gum Leaf Weddings – carried out the legally-binding ceremony and was the only guest in attendance to stay clothed.

The couple, who are now planning a trip to the USA this summer for their honeymoon, are also part-time nudists around their home.

Dad-of-one and metal and fabrication worker Jeff said: “Apart from a couple of friends and the couple who run the resort there was no one there we knew – nearly everyone was a stranger or just an acquaintance.

“But we were quite happy with that – we didn’t want all the traditional big wedding rigmarole, we wanted to do something for us.

“We were quite open with our friends and families about how it would work and told them they could come if they wanted to. It was their choice which we completely understood.

“Despite none of our family attending, we were perfectly happy with our wedding the way it was. We had both had similar wedding experiences before where they were completely governed by what family wanted and we wanted to do something for ourselves this time.

“All the reaction to our wedding when we’ve told people has been positive – we haven’t had any negative reactions at all. People did want to come but were too scared of their own bodies.”


Jeff added: “The first time I went nude it was a bit freaky and the hardest part is getting naked in the first place, but once you do it, it feels perfectly normal and natural.

“People are more open and friendly when you are all naked, there is nothing to hide behind and they are more kind and relaxed – no one wants to fight a naked man.

“All those decisions and judgements we make based on people’s clothing are gone. When you’re naked, everyone is the same, so people are a lot more free and open.

“It is really hard to convince someone who is not from the community that it isn’t sexual, but it feels completely normal and natural to us to be naked.

“If you are not thinking about them in that way you don’t see them in that way. When you’re all naked you see that but you aren’t looking, you don’t really notice.

“It also encourages self-confidence. People are terrified of their own bodies and that is a horrible way to be but when you’re nudist you can be young, old, tall, short, fat, thin or pregnant and no one notices.”