Banned Baby Names: Couple Reportedly Wins Legal Battle To Name Their Baby 'Wolf'

'It's because of our love for this animal.'

A Spanish couple has reportedly won a legal battle to call their baby Wolf, after initially being told it was “offensive”.

Naki and Maria Javierre were allegedly told they couldn’t call their child the Spanish word for wolf, ‘Lobo’, by the Madrid Civil Registration in July 2016.

The official government office also reportedly “rejected” the name because ‘Lobo’ is a Spanish surname and could cause confusion.

So the couple launched a petition with their reasons behind the name. After garnering more than 26,000 signatures, the name has now been approved.

Naki and Maria Javierre
Naki and Maria Javierre

The couple explained they decided to call their baby ‘Wolf’ because they love the animal.

“We decided some months ago to call him that, perhaps because of our love for this animal,” they wrote on the petition page.

“Which in my case has spent years attached to my life, having always supported campaigns for the protection of a beautiful animal like the wolf.”

They continued: “Lobo is the contemporary Italian ‘Lupo’ which means strength, cunning and intelligence.

“In Greek times the wolf was an animal related to the light, because it is a symbol of the aggressive power of the sun, so why not Wolf?”

According to the Daily Mail, the couple won the legal battle.

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