01/02/2017 10:26 GMT

Couple Pose For Same Photo Throughout Relationship, From Childhood Sweethearts To Wedding Day


If Ant and Dec have taught us anything, it’s that all good double acts must find the perfect pose, then stick to it. 

Newlyweds Daphne De La Riva and Marcos Compean have nailed it.

The couple have taken a photo in the same pose throughout their relationship, even staging the scene on their recent wedding day.

 The pair have been photographed side-by-side in middle school...

Daphne De La Riva/Twitter

 In high school...

Daphne De La Riva/twitter

 And at their wedding. 

Daphne De La Riva/Twitter

De La Riva recently posted the series of images on Twitter, where they’ve been liked more than 160,000 times.

Hundreds of people have commented on the oh-so-cute images.

“I love that you use the same pose. You should do this for every occasion in your life and make a photo album of just those pics,” one said.

Another added: “This is so beautiful and cute, your relationship is goals.”

We hope they’re still taking these pictures as pensioners. 

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